Getting Your Web Site Online the Smart Way










Tapper Web Consulting can put your business on the web, including sales, operations and customer service as well as marketing and promotion. Integrate Your Corporate Vision in Both Marketing and Operations

The Big Picture (also known as "synergy")
Before we put your business on the web, we look at the "big picture"; i.e., your business and competition, before developing any web site or marketing materials for you.

In your marketing campaign, it's important that a single message and image are conveyed in a way that's consistent throughout any and all marketing communications.  This will help ensure that your marketing executions reinforce your corporate vision.

Once your business is on the web, you'll have an Internet presence that creates a level playing field with even your biggest competitors!

Make all parts of the marketing puzzle mesh well together.
We d
on't overlook the power of integrating the Internet in all aspects of your business beyond marketing, including online sales, fulfillment, customer and employee communications, demo downloads, surveys, feedback, and more!

Integration with Your Business Processes
It's also critical that your communications mesh with your own internal sales and fulfillment operations, so that customer expectations and satisfaction are delivered right the first time.

In sum, we go beyond just web design; we make your web sites work to meet your corporate and tactical objectives. 

Take advantage of our experience to help cost-effectively promote your business on the Internet.

Take advantage of Tapper Web Consulting & Marketing's experience and expertise