Closing the Sale

A strong call-to-action makes closing the sale easier Make It Easy to Do Business With You and Close the Sale

Once your target audience has seen your marketing message, make sure you identify what action you want them to take to help close the sale. In other words, ask for the sale and then explain the next step in the buying process.

The Right Call-to-Action Closes the Sale
Now that you've gotten your visitor's attention, what is it that you want them to do after viewing your site, advertisement or direct mail piece?  Place an order? Send you an e-mail? Fax you a form? Register for a seminar? Respond to a survey?

Be sure to provide ample opportunities for each visitor to respond at his convenience (not yours!), including local and toll-free phone and fax numbers, postage-paid business-reply card or envelope, e-mail address and web site address.

One more thing [a "duh!"]: be sure you have the people and procedures in place to respond to all inquiries and orders.

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