Attract Your Most Profitable Target Audience

Reaching your target audience generates results!
Zero In On the Right Target Audience - Your Most Profitable Prospects

A crucial part of marketing is making sure that your message is being seen and heard by the people most likely to purchase your product -- your target audience. By targeting your message, you're more likely to maximize the return on your marketing dollar.

Target Audience and Segmentation
Think about those visitors you want to attract to your site. As much as we'd like to think so, not everyone is going to be equally interested in your product or service. So, who is most likely to be interested in what you have to offer?

Hey...don't say "everybody is" your target audience.  There are probably certain groups of people, or market segments, that are more likely than others to want your product.  It's important to identify such segments, whether you're doing consumer, retail or business-to-business marketing, so that you can focus your marketing efforts and dollars on those likely to generate a profitable return.

Demographics describe the profile of a particular market segment. Psychographics are the attitudinal traits people exhibit in their approach to life. Because both sets of traits have an impact on buying behavior, both have an impact on how you should package, price and communicate your product to your key segments.

Examples of demographic and psychographic attributes include:

Consumer Demographics examples
consumer demographics - age Age
consumer demographics - gender Gender
consumer demographics - occupation Occupation
consumer demographics - household income Household Income
consumer demographics - marital status Marital Status
consumer demographics - presence of children Presence of children in the household
consumer demogrpahics - home value Home Value
consumer demographics - geographic regions Geographic Region(s)
Business Demographics examples
business demographics - job title Job Title
business demographics - industry type or SIC code Industry Type or SIC Code
business demographics - annual sales volume Annual Sales
business demographics - number of employees Number of Employees
business demographics - geographic regions Geographic Region(s)
Psychographics (attitudes) examples
pyschographics - status Need for status
pyschographics - role of money Role of money (does it buy material things, self-esteem, etc?)
pyschographics - ethics and morals Ethics/"moral compass"
pyschographics - risk-taker vs. conservative Risk-taker vs. conservative
pyschographics - spending behaviors Spendthrift vs. hoarder of money

And when the target audience is identified, you'll then have an idea of what your key message should be and how to convey it.


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