Web Site Design Building Tips (Do's)

Key Tip: Good web design reflects a strong marketing foundation Smart Web Site Design Tips

Have a clear vision of what you want to do and work towards providing valuable information.


Give people a reason to visit your site. You can do this by offering information not available anywhere else in a unique and entertaining format.


Update and change your content frequently. One expert asserts, "Three hits with no changes and you've lost them forever."


Make your site interactive. You are dealing with a powerful resource for ideas and innovation. Tap in to it! Schedule forums and chat areas. Solicit ideas and responses from viewers through e-mail and interactive forms. Have contests for the best ideas and innovations for your product line.


Accommodate all levels of technology to reach the widest viewing audience. Modem speeds and web browsers vary greatly, so accommodate the greatest possible viewing audience, use alternate styles. Test your site to be sure it looks the way you planned it.


Use graphics, but keep them small. Graphics are a great way to spice up your web page, but online consumers have a low tolerance for staring at an hourglass waiting for graphics to materialize.


Consider international implications when offering awards and incentives or stipulating shipping charges. The internet is accessible world wide, so you need to consider cost implications, and legal restrictions in dealing with customers overseas.


Courtesy of David Othus  

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