Marketing Communications Objectives

Why are you going to say what you want to say? Know Your Primary Objectives

Before you start designing any marketing communications piece or advertising program, take a step back and determine your objectives for developing it in the first place:

maroon.gif (1006 bytes)   Convey information?
maroon.gif (1006 bytes)   Sell a product or service?
maroon.gif (1006 bytes)   Share ideas?
maroon.gif (1006 bytes)   Educate others?
maroon.gif (1006 bytes)   Announce news?

Remember -- don't just issue a communications piece just for the sake of doing it. Otherwise, you'll generate no interest!

Another way to help determine your primary objective is to identify and quantify your ultimate expectations.  Several examples include earn $X revenue per month, acquire X number of visitors per week, generate X% of qualified leads per mailing.    

Once the primary communications objective is resolved, identifying your target audience is the next step.


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