Strategic Planning

Strategic planning for the Internet A Strong Foundation for Integrated Marketing Success

Marketing success is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle: assemble many pieces to ultimately provide a compelling and cohesive course of action.

At Tapper Web Consulting, we take a strategic approach to your business, to help identify your opportunities as well as minimize potential downside risks.

What's involved in strategic planning?

Strategic Plan vs. Marketing Plan
A strategic plan provides a "holistic" roadmap for your business, encompassing every aspect that is involved in getting your product from concept to the end user.

A key piece of your strategic plan is the marketing plan, which details the process of generating awareness and usage of your product.  Marketing defines the "positioning" of your product; i.e., how your product should be perceived in the eyes of your prospects and customers vs. competitive products.

In addition to such marketing communications activities as advertising and direct mail, marketing may encompass product development, package design, product name, pricing, sponsorships, co-op plans, logo's, couponing, sales promotion, channel support, and more.

Marketing Plan Basics
As part of the marketing planning process, Tapper Marketing goes beyond the obvious to uncover the answers to these questions and more:

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